Boxel Rebound


Are you ready to push your limits with Boxel Rebound game? You will control a box that is determined to find its way on the track with a number of obstacles. They explode when they hit objects like blocks in this jumping game. Can you keep it in one piece? To make it even harder, you can design your own sections and make the job even harder!

How to Play Boxel Rebound?

In Boxel Rebound, the goal is to prevent an unstoppable box from hitting various dangerous objects. You should also look for passages that make the box shrink or grow. Each chapter will be more difficult than the previous one, you have to be ready for it. You should always have a strategy to skip the gaps and you should constantly improve this strategy. Reaching the last chapter will not be easy, are you ready to achieve it?

Game Controls

USE THE MOUSE to make choices during the game and in the menu. Bounce the box with LEFT CLICK.

About Game Developer

Boxel Rebound was developed by Doppler.

Play on mobile

You can also play Boxel Rebound on your favorite mobile device via Google Play.