Call of Ops 3

Call of Ops 3 Unblocked

When playing Call of ops 3, you move with the keys "A, S, D, W". You open the binoculars of your weapon by firing with the left button of the FAre and clicking the right button. You jump by clicking the SPACEBAR space drop button. On the landing page, you name yourself in the PROFILE section. When you click the PLAY NOW button, you will see the window with the rooms. The list displays the number of lichi in the groups. From here, start the battle by clicking on the top of the room you want and clicking the CONNECT button. Refresh the list by clicking the REFRESH button. You can also create a new room by clicking the CREATE NEW ROOM button. Each battle lasts 10 minutes. He wins the war that kills the most men in 10 minutes. You're reborn from somewhere else on the map when you die, and you keep playing Call of Ops 3. In Call Of Ops 3, you'll try to kill your enemies by participating in battles on different maps. A quality battle awaits you with the next generation of graphics and weapons. Be very careful and destroy them all by acting before your enemies. You can shoot with the mouse while directing the character with the W, A, S, D keys. You can also change your weapon with the 1,2,3 keys and find the most suitable gun based on the course of battle. Good luck with that!