City Truck Driver

City Truck Driver

Play free gangster action. The city of sins cannot be changed. Here everyone is for himself. All residents of the city want snow. You are not an exception. You came to this city intending to make money using your skills. You are a great car thief. Your speciality is car theft. The criminal world is full of competition. Criminal clans control the streets of the city. You will have to try and conquer your territory. Show the rest of the gangsters that you are your man and should be respected. Test your skills in a fascinating 3D car thief simulator. Experience unique gameplay in a third-person shooter. Do you have the talent to be one of the inhabitants of this dangerous city? An open 3D world challenges you. The southern metropolis is full of dangers and exciting adventures awaiting you.

Complete main game quests to gain experience and resources most effectively. Before missions, make sure you have enough ammo for your gun. It would help if yIn addition, you had a full bar of health and stamina. All this will help you in street fights. You can double the quest reward if you want—track important missions through the minimap of the city. Tasks are marked with unique icons.
You can just have fun in the city. Organize races around the city in various vehicles. Hit fences, barrels, boxes, traffic lights, utility poles and much more. Explore the ships standing in the bay, knowing what secrets to find in them. Try to capture one of the military bases. If the task is up to you, you will receive good rewards.

Chase your favourite car or motorcycle. Participate in street shoots. Protect your area from other gangs. Stay away from police harassment.

Find chests scattered around the city and get rewards from them. Shoot the crates to open the castle. Find other valuable items scattered around the city. For example, get free crystals as soon as you see an ad in the game.

Raise your child always to be the best. Agility, Accuracy, Stamina and Strength. These options still provide a considerable advantage. You will also need weapon handling skills and the ability to use various tools.

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