Fire vs Water Fights

Fire vs Water Fights Unblocked

Fire vs Water Fights is an action game full of fun and effects. Send quick punches to your opponent with your glow effect fighter, and don't waste your Super Fist when it's ready! Whether you choose fire or water warrior, the important thing is to win two rounds in a row. Fire vs Water Fights game has 1P and 2P modes. Let the fight begin!

Fire vs Water battle is the most effective action game. You have to throw a quick punch at your enemy in this game and don't waste your super energy.

It is a practical action game. This game has two modes. It is a 3D game. The rules of this game are to choose to play in 1P mode against the computer or have more fun fighting other real players in 2P, where one controls the fire character and the other the water character. They fight each other to drain the opponent's health bar because you are the winner and instead make sure you don't lose. Player 1 moves with A, D, punches with W, S and uses G for Super Punch, while Player 2 moves with the right, left arrow, up, down. Staples with needle and presses P for super point. You can enjoy this game.