Going Balls

Going Balls Unblocked

Going balls game is played with arrow keys on computers, on mobile phones and mobile tablets by clicking the right and left arrows at the bottom of the screen and clicking the jump button at the top. The platform consists of a colored square floor. You have to reach the finish point by dragging the ball on the platform. The path on the platform is cut by gaps and cliffs. When you get close to the cliffs, click the jump button to blow up the ball and continue on your way. Increase the number of consecutive jumps by collecting up arrow shapes on the path. The gaps are sometimes short and sometimes long. You stay in the air for a longer time by clicking the jump button consecutively in the parts where the gaps are long. The number of jumps remaining appears in the upper right corner. You earn points for every distance you travel on the platform. Your total score appears in the upper left corner of the screen. Complete the going balls game by finishing the platform without falling down the gaps.

While playing Going balls 2 game, you control the ball with "W, A, S, D" and arrow keys on computers. On mobile phones and mobile tablets, you perform the same operations by dragging your finger to the right, left and forward on the screen.

You earn points by collecting the gold on the track. With the points you have accumulated, you can buy new balls such as football, baseball, basketball or billiard balls from the SKIN section. You complete the level by reaching the finish point at the end of each track. If you fall down the gaps on the sides of the track, you get burned and you continue to play going balls 2 by having to start the same section again. You can unlock locked doors by collecting keys on the way. In addition, if you are caught in the fixed and moving traps located at different points of the track, you will fall down and burn.