Pokey Ball Jumper

Pokey Ball Jumper

Pokey Ball Jumper is a fun, hypercasual game that combines two of the game's most popular features: puzzle and sniper. Players must stretch and raise a ball to its highest level and reach the most distance possible to reach the next level. To succeed, players must insert a needle into a wall, but be aware that the hand will not stick into a hard border. They also need to be patient when passing obstacles.

Players must climb various obstacles to move on to the next level. To do this, they must stretch the ball as much as possible to increase its bouncing height. Each class has 50 different levels, and some walls may not be easily pierced by the needle, so players must be careful. Ultimately, players must get to the top treasure, collect gold, and complete the level. This is a fun, hyper-casual game for all ages and skill levels!

To complete the levels, players must climb various obstacles while stretching their balls to increase their height. Finally, players must reach the top treasure and collect gold to play the game. In Pokey Ball Jumper, players must be patient and careful to reach the top. The game has 50 levels, each one offering different challenges. The game's goal is to complete each level and collect all the gold in the game. If you're a fan of the games, try playing them for free.

In Pokey Ball Jumper, players must reach the highest possible level by poking the ball into the air. After reaching the top, they must repair the ball by inserting the needle into the wall. To do this, players should be careful to avoid a rigid wall and tap the screen while aiming for the highest level. They also need to be patient when passing obstacles, and they should be able to toss the ball up at the right time. The game is challenging, and players must be patient to achieve the top score.

You can use the needle to poke the ball into the wall and reach the highest point. In addition to this, the hand can also help you reload the ball if the wall is too hard. Once you've finished the level, you can try the next level and continue the game. There are 50 levels in all. They're all fun to play. You can play this game with your friends or family.