The world of breathtaking battles for survival will open up to you in the game. You will be faced with the task of controlling the character, you will help him extract resources that will be useful for building a base. Help him stay in the game as long as possible by facing opponents. You will be given the right to make a choice in favor of a regular server or sandbox. In the first case, you need to deal with the extraction of resources to increase the level of the game and acquire new items or weapons. Before starting the game, you can play as a clan or prefer it by joining any of them. An unlimited number of resources are waiting for you in sandbox mode. You will need to build windmills, which will allow you to get a large amount of gold, and then acquire the things necessary for the character of the game.

Sploop io is a revolutionary for fans of classic io games, with super unrelenting competition and you will fight until there is one last person left to survive.

Sploop.io it is a challenging tower defense game. Build a sekildekale as soon as possible. There are also cool skins and other objects that you can buy Decently between battles. We think you will have a nice time because it is a slightly different game from the Worm Game style we have played before.

From the Kawak developer Sploop.io (Official), it has been running on Android systerm in the past.

No More Sploop.io You can play (Official) on PC with GameLoop without any problems.

Download it from the GameLoop library or from the search results. Dec. No more looking at the battery at the wrong time or making annoying calls.

Sploop.io (Official) Enjoy the computer on the big screen for freeļ¼

Sploop.io How to Play ?

Sploop.io it is one of the best village building, crafting and PVP games. The PVP in this game is very easy to learn but it is really gurgen and requires a lot of skills to be the first.


Movement: W,A,S,D

Automatic Attack: E