Tropical Merge

Tropical Merge

You are doing farm management with the tropical merge game. You perform a level-up process by combining 3 of the same type of material. The plots are made up of square areas. First, you clear the grass and bushes in the fields and open agricultural areas for yourself. In these areas, you combine grass and make hay bales. Then you raise sheep and cows and get milk and dairy products. Next, you grow vegetables and fruits in agricultural fields. You earn money and points by selling the products you produce on the farm.

How to Play Tropical Merge?

At the top of the screen are the LEVEL, ruby, diamond, coin and mallet indicators. You earn both money and points at the end of each product you produce and sell. When you LEVEL with your points, you have the right to use new agricultural lands and agricultural vehicles. On the locked grounds on the island, it appears at which LEVEL it will be unlocked. You continue to play the tropical merge game by using axes, pickaxes and other farm equipment and adding new fields to your farm.

On the left side of the screen are the tasks are given to complete the section, the stock market where you will sell the products you produce and the list where you follow the products you make. Here you can follow all farm operations.

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Tropical Merge